Uniform & Personal Equipment:

(R) Denotes items required by new members for the basic 1st I.D. WW2 infantryman impression


  • Jacket, M1941, Field OD*  (R)
  • Jacket, Combat, Winter (tanker)*
  • Jacket, M1943, Field OD*
  • Shirt, Wool, OD, (mustard shade)* (R)
  • Undershirt, Cotton, Summer sleeveless OD (R)
  • Trousers, Wool, OD, (mustard shade) (R)
  • Belt, Khaki, open face buckle (R)
  • Trousers, Combat 1943, OD (R)
  • Jacket, HBT, OD #7 (R)
  • Trousers, HBT, OD #7 (R)
  • Sweater, Wool, Highneck (mustard shade) 
  • Gloves, Wool, OD, leather palm 

*Denotes 1st ID Patch on left sleeve


  • Cap, Overseas, Wool, (mustard shade) with Infantry (blue) piping  (R)
  • Cap, Field, HBT, OD w/short brim 
  • Cap, Wool, Knit, M1941(jeep cap)
  • Helmet, Steel, M1 fix or swivel bail (R)
  • Liner, M1, w/leather chinstrap (R)
  • Helmet net (optional but desirable) 
  • Hat, Field, HBT (Daisy Mae)



  • Boots, Low Quarter, roughout (R)
  • Boots, Low Quarter, Cap Toe 
  • Leggings, M1938, Dismounted OD#3 (R)
  • Boots, Combat, Double Buckle (R)
  • Socks, Wool, OD, Cushion soles (R)


  • Belt, Cartridge, M1923 (for M1 rifle) (R)
  • Suspenders, Field, M1936 (R)
  • Haversack, M1928 w/meat can pouch
  • Bag, Field, M1936 (Mussette)
  • Bag, M5, Gas Mask, Waterproof
  • Canteen, M1910 w/ Cup and Cover (R)
  • Mess Kit, w/ fork, knife & spoon (R)
  • Carlisle Pouch, M1910 w/bandage (R)
  • Tool, Entrenching, T-Handle or
  • Tool, Entrenching, M1943 w/carrier
  • Knife, M3 w/M6 or M8 scabbard
  • Bayonet 10” or 14”” w/scabbard


  • US Rifle, Cal .30 M1 Garand (R)
  • US Rifle, Cal .30 M1903 Springfield
  • US Rifle, Cal 30 M1903A3 Springfield
  • US Carbine, Cal .30 M1
  • M1928 or M1A1, Cal .45 Thompson
  • M3 or M3A1, Cal .45 (Grease Gun)
  • US Rifle M1918A2 Cal .30 BAR
  • US M1919A4 Cal .30 Machine Gun
  • US Pistol Cal .45 M1911 or A1 +
  • US Revolver M1917 or Victory +

+ (worn mostly by Officers & NCOs)


  • Shelter Half, Button hole Pup Tent w/ poles, ropes & wooden pegs
  • Wood & Canvas Cot
  • Wool Blanket, (mustard shade)
  • Weapons Cleaning Kit (R)