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Recruit Soldier Enlistment

The First Infantry Reenactment Group is always interested in recruiting new members. Potential candidates should consider the investment that this hobby requires. New members are required to have a basic Infantryman impression uniform, as well as a weapon. Exceptions to acquiring a weapon would be considered on an as needed basis, such as a Medic impression, ammunition handler, and so on. Also to be considered is the time commitment that the hobby requires. Many events that the unit takes part in should be attended by as many members as possible. Most of these events take place over a weekend period and may involve a holiday weekend. Some of the events may involve travel upwards of 100 miles or more. Members are required to be physically fit, with a weight closely appropriate to height. No, a potential recruit doesn't have to look like Errol Flynn or Clark Gable, or be able to run a four minute mile, but some level of physical fitness is required. Remember, you're supposed to look somewhat like an American soldier during the 1940's.[ If it helps, look at period photos of U.S. servicemen and see if you're close.] Members will be required to pay a $20 membership per year and again, will be responsible for all of their own equipment and blanks. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact SGT. J. Thomas at the contact information provided.


The 1ST I.D. Reenactment Group always enjoys the opportunity to provide our services to the interested community. If you are interested in having our group attend one of your functions, please contact us at the means provided. Thank You.