About the 1st Infantry Division Re-Enactment Group


walkingThe First Infantry Reenactment Group is a non-profit group of amateur World War II historians and enthusiasts. Our goal is to portray with accuracy the lifestyle, equipment, uniforms, and combat tactics of a United States Army soldier during the World War II years. Our group puts on displays of our equipment and battle reenactments/weapons demonstrations for the public at historically oriented events. The group also takes part in private World War II tactical events which involve our fighting alongside other Allied Reenactment Groups against Axis Reenactment Groups.

The 1ST I.D. Reenactment Group is available for several types of events, public and private. The unit strives to give an accurate impression of the lifestyle and workings of the typical U.S. Infantryman during WW2. Our impressions will often include other aspects of the 1940's era, put forward in a manner that entertains and educates. Our impressions are also intended to give honor to the many Americans who took part in the Second World War, whether as a member of the fighting services, or as a supporting member in the way of a Industrial worker or Entertainer of the troops.[See our Contact page for further]

The 1ST I.D. Reenactment Group excels at setting up displays for events that can utilize our historically based 1940's theme. Typically, our display will include WW2 era tents, tent fly's, equipment crates and supplies of an Infantry unit, the individual soldiers' gear, and of course WW2 soldiers in period uniforms. We also try to provide a sampling of 1940's era music and art, commonly available and in use by the soldier and civilian of that era. Soldiers at the events will interact with the public or event attendees at the displays. Weapons demonstrations can be provided. [The 1ST I.D. . uses blank ammunition during our public and private events.] At some public events, a small battle will be waged by Allied and Axis reenactors. The 1ST I.D. Reenactment Group also utilizes various displays for educational purposes, useful to all ages. Picture taking by visitors with the reenactors is encouraged and often includes the visitors donning some of the WW2 period equipment.

The 1ST I.D. takes part in several private battle events a year, usually designed after a historical WW2 battle. These events take place around the state of Florida and sometimes out of state. These battles usually involve the unit to camp out overnight and as closely as possible replicate what it was like as a WW2 soldier in the field. The battles usually involve fighting in woods and rough terrain, with an occasional town environment available. The battles require that members are physically fit and capable of the rigors of an entire day of battling the axis forces. These battles are not usually open to the public.

Anyone interested in having the 1ST I.D. participate in a event or activity, or anyone desiring more information about "enlisting" in the 1ST I.D., should visit our Contact page.